Trane Heat Pumps Prices Reviews

Trane heat pump prices are highly concerned if you are going to heat your home with Trane products. It is one of the prestigious brands available in the market which can be used to heat your house, apartment or your office during the colder times of the year. Trane pumps are available in different models those are suitable for the different places.

Trane heat pumps prices vary with the model. The Trane heat pumps are different in size, capacity of generating heat.

There are several factors you have to consider when you are going to purchase your heat pump. The climate of your country, altitude of the dwelling place determine how cold your place and duration of the cold season. If you are dwelling in a higher altitude, you may need your heat pump through out the year. So when you are looking for Trane heat pump prices you may come across with different options.

Trane heat pumps are available in different models. Prices are depending on these models. Trane heat pumps are available in different efficiency levels. They are called high efficiency, ultra efficiency, super efficiency and standard efficiency. Low heat pump prices are always there with the standard efficiency models. If your home heat requirement is not much serious you can go for the Standard efficiency models.

There are different standard efficient models present with the brand Trane. These models have a SEER rating up to 15.00 while the HSPF level is up to 8.5. It can be considered as one of the energy efficient product that can be used in your home. This product is reliable for your home and reduces the electricity bill. Further this product includes durable Climatuff Compressor, Galvenized-stell louvered panels, Corrision resistant fasteners, Rust proof basepan and an outdoor coil. This is one of the Trane products which have won the Energy Star energy saving certificate.

XB 13 is another model which has all its features for the standard usage. This includes most of the features those are available with the model XB 14. R-410 A is the refrigerant used in this model. This product has a SEER rating up to 14.50 while it is having HSPF value up to 8.50. This model can be considered as one of the heat pump models, suitable to your economy.

XR 13 and 15 are the high efficiency units available with the Trane products. This model has sound insulator while having some of the other features. This product has limited 10 years warranty on compressor, outdoor coils and internal functional parts. XR 15 is the other high efficiency Trane heat pump model. This product has similar features compared to the XR 13 on warranty and the internal features.

XL 15i is the high efficiency heat pump available in the market. It is another energy efficient model of Trane which has won the energy star. The SEER ranking of this product is up to 16.00 while the HSPF is up to 9.00. XL 20i and the 16i those are the ultra efficient heat pumps those are coming with the Energy Star Energy efficient certificates. The 2 ton XL 20i is available for 3450 US$. The 2 ton XR 15 model is available for a 999$. However the actual cost may depend on the labor required, area of the establishment and the modification process of the building. It may cost more than the price of several heat pumps.

Trane heat pumps prices are always go according to your budget and more economical, being a product out of a highly reputed company.

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