Goodman Heat Pump Prices Reviews

Goodman heat pump prices vary by different models and different vendors. It is one of the common brands found in the international market. Goodman is one of the best choices for the heating requirement of your home. Whether you want to heat your home, office or the factory, you may want to use different models of the Goodman brands. Goodman products have been heating and cooling the houses all over the world since 1982. It is one of the reputable products available in the market. They are designed by a group of well experienced engineers and experts. Once you purchase the Goodman products you can have the full satisfaction of receiving an affordable product with best quality. They give best warranties for their products.

Goodman has introduced several models of heat pumps. Most of these products are energy efficient and has won the certificate Energy star. 18 SEER DSZC18, 16 SEER SSZ16, 16 SEER DSZC 16, 14 SEER GSZ 14, 14 SEER SSZ 14, 13 SEER GSH13, 13 SEER GSZ 13 are the currently available heat pump models with the Goodman. These models have their own Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio as mentioned with their model names.

Refrigerant is the most important component of the heat pumps. All the Goodman heat pumps are having the refrigerant R 410-A. This is one of the best refrigerants used all over the heat pump industry and well known for its environment friendliness. Almost all of the Goodman heat pump except the GSH 13 has won the Energy Star energy efficient standard. Goodman is well known brand to conserve energy while its operation and reduce the electricity bills.

DSZC 18 is one of the best models available with the Goodman. This product is equipped with a high-performance energy efficient compressor. This product has some of the excellent features over the Goodman heat pump prices. Factory installed suction line accumulator, high capacity muffler, set up cables with two low voltage, high and low pressure switches, filter drier installed in the factory, coil and ambient temperature sensors, two speed quiet condenser fan motor, compressor crack case heater installed within the factory are some of the beneficial features available with this model.

SSZ 14 is another best heat pump models available with the Goodman. Customer is given a 10 years lifetime limited warranty with this model. Further this model is labeled with the best buy. This model is available with the High efficiency scroll compressor, factory installed filter drier, high quality compressor sound blanket.

GSZ 14 is another Goodman heat pump model available in the market. It has some similar characteristics compared with the SSZ 14. This model has Smart Shift technology to ensure the quiet and reliable defrost.

Goodman heat pump prices have a variety in the market. The 2 ton Goodman heat pump of the model SSZ16 has $2279 market price. Respectively 3, 4, 5 ton types of the same model has $2479, $2699, $3179 market prices respectively. However you have to add some cost to the Goodman heat pump prices since you may have to break some places of your walls and you need the labor for the installation purpose.

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